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August 17, 2010


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I'm *so* sorry to hear about your loss. Love and *hugs* to you and your family :( :(


I am sorry about Miss Buffy. Poor dear. She will live in your hearts, always.


The good, the bad, and the...well, there is no ugly here. The good - yay! your art was included in Patti's book. I submitted, but didn't make it in, alas. But great, great, great! for you. So thrilled. Now when I look at that page, I can say, "I know her" because even though we haven't met in person, I will still say that I know you. As for the bad, well that is saying goodbye to your sweet dog. You probably remember I let my own girl go just two months ago at the amazing age of 15. There is a special relationship with our pet family members. I hope her passing was peaceful and my heart aches for you. There are just no words. They bring so much to us, we just hope that we did enough for them. They will think so, it is our own selves who will grieve all we didn't do and of course, their absence. A little time will help you but we never, ever forget them.


Congratulations on being included in the book! That's fantastic.

And I am so sorry for you loss. We've been there & know the pain.
Glad you can keep your sense of joy & humor through it all. xo


Found your blog today and I really love your work. Your blog is so inspiring.

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